Our Process

Initial Consultation: We discuss the details of the project with you going over every question about what type of paint or finish products that should be used, as well as going over colors and offering a variety of painting samples so you can make the best choice possible.  

Preparing each room: We take every step needed to make sure and protect all furnishings and decorations.  If you need help taking care of the pictures, wall hangings, or other various precious/breakable items from the room we are here to help with that too. 

Conduct a preliminary walk-through: Working together is especially important to us.  We want the project to be completed to your exact specifications.  We will perform a very thorough walk-through with you before we get started on your project and verbally confirm exactly what you want and how you want the work to be completed.

Protect furniture: We move all furniture items away from the walls and then cover it, followed by using appropriate drop cloths and plastic to cover any exposed flooring.

Conduct surface preparation to proper adhesion.  Painting is an art form, and the process of painting is more than just throwing it on the walls.  Paint application is completed on completely prepared surfaces that are smooth so that proper adhesion can take place.  During this process we also take all faceplates from electrical outlets and light switches, fill and patch any holes and take care of any existing rough sections so the completed project looks great for years to come.

We paint with a process built on experience: We have a lifetime of combined experienced among our staff.  We rely on this experience to ensure that every project is completed professionally, on time and on budget.  We only use the highest quality products to ensure the best durability available.

Final touches: We leave your home better then we found it.  The cleanup phase includes removing all of our tools and equipment, to include all drop cloths and plastic items we used to protect the site, we the conduct sweeping, vacuuming, and any scrubbing necessary to remove any and all traces of our work, except for the new paint.

Final walk-through: We conduct our own final inspection and then invite you to complete final walk-through where we can go over any final questions or concerns you may have to ensure that we have delivered on our promise of delivering a final project outcome that exceeds your expectations.

We are proud of the work we do, and we want to not only impress you with our attention to detail and quality of service, but with how we make sure you are included in the process and that you are completely satisfied.  We look forward to working with you on your painting projects for years to come.